Tim Holtz Tonic 6.75" Mini Recoil Snips (5386e)

The Tim Holtz Tonic 6.75 Inch Mini Recoil Snips offer innovative, stylish features perfect for creative crafting.

The titanium-coated, double-beveled non-serrated blades and comfort grip handles provide effortless cutting and unparalleled control and comfort for extended use. With two easy-change springs, you can adjust the tension to suit your grip.

This product boasts a variety of features for optimal cutting performance, including Kushgrip comfort handles to prevent hand fatigue, a titanium blade coating for corrosion prevention, and double-beveled non-serrated blades for precision cutting.

It also includes two assisted cutting tension springs and a blade safety cap for safe storage.

Measuring 6.75 inches from handle to blade (17cm), this product is perfect for any crafter looking for superior control and ease of use.