Tim Holtz Deckle / Torn Edge Trimmer 8.5" by Tonic Studios (3561E)

The Tim Holtz Deckle Torn Edge Trimmer gives your projects the perfect distressed deckle edge effect with maximum control and precision. Designed to provide effortlessly repeatable deckle effects, this new cutting tool from Tim Holtz and Tonic Studios is essential for any crafter looking to bring life to their next design.

The Tim Holtz 22cm/8.5" Deckle Torn Edge Trimmer is the perfect product for creating a distressed deckle edge effect and offering the following features:

✓ Combine with different papers and card stock for varying torn edge effects.

✓ Perfect for use with fibrous card and colored core card to emphasize the torn deckle edge.

✓ Stainless steel precision ground deckle-edged blades.

✓ Cut length up to 22cm/8.5"

✓ Cut Width 15cm/6"

✓ Finger bar to ensure that cutting media will not move during the cutting process.

✓ Measurement rulers built into the top and bottom of the trimmer cutting base to enable total accuracy of cutting.

✓ 0.6cm / 0.25" grid lines molded into the base of the trimmer to ensure that perfect alignment can be made via the cutting process.

✓ Kushgrip comfort handle to reduce hand fatigue